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what We Do

  • Commissioning Support service
    Commissioning Support service

    The Basic concept of this service is to support the OEM's /Owner's commissioning team to successfully carry out all related Pre commissioning and commissioning of the Main plant and it's related auxiliaries till completion of all Mandatory Commissioning tests, Full Load Operation Test, Reliability run test and Performance Test which will enable the plant entering successful commercial operation.

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  • Warranty Support Service
    Warranty Support Service

    The Main scope of this service is to Guide the Customer O&M team, to ensure that the OEM's Operation Guide lines are strictly followed and the plant is operated and maintained according to the design criteria, for safe and efficient operation of the newly commissioned plant in order to achieve the Planned Availability Factor/PLF.

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  • O&M Support Service
    O&M Support Service

    The basic concept of this service is to give continuous support for the Owner's O&M team to Achieve/ improvement of Targeted PLF/Availability factor with Safe , Stable and efficient plant Operation which will enable Customer realize improved Plant Reliability and Availability providing a competitive advantage which equates to higher profit margin and increased asset value.

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  • IC&I Devices Calibration and Testing service
    C&I Devices Calibration and Testing service

    Calibration of the Plant C&I devices as per Customer Specification which will be part of the Pre commissioning activity.

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  • Training For Thermal power Plants O&M Team
    Training For Thermal power Plants O&M Team

    TThe ultimate aim and Goal of any Power Plant operator will be to achieve self dependability of their O&M team and we consider this crucial point and will prepare and conduct site Specific Training course in both Operation and Maintenance aspect, which will Optimize the potential of the Owner's O&M team with fully integrated O&M Techniques for achieving the Goal of Self Reliability in maintaining an Efficient and reliable plant operation.

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