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Warranty Support Service

  • Warranty Support Service
    Warranty Support Service

    The Main scope of this service is to Guide the Customer O&M team, to ensure that the OEM's Operation Guide lines are strictly followed and the plant is operated and maintained according to the design criteria, for safe and efficient operation of the newly commissioned plant in order to achieve the Planned Availability Factor/PLF.

    The following activities will also be part of this warranty support service.
    • Monitor that the operational parameters of all the equipments are within the design criteria and advise customers for corrective action in case of significant deviation.
    • Guidance to the Owner's O&M team in preparing the adequate mandatory spares required to ensure smooth plant operation and to improve the availability factor.(PLF)
    • Guide the Owner's O&M team to raise the warranty claim issues.
    • Guide the Owner's O&M team to chart out various Maintenance schedules for the plant as well adequacy of required spares.
    • Support the Plant O&M team to restore back the unit in case of emergency outages at the earliest and to assist in preparing RCA to avoid the same failure.
    • Providing OJT to Plant O&M team.
    • Prepare site specific Training manual and conducting training for the Plant O&M team, related to Main plant and critical auxiliaries.